Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rainbow Smoothie

It's been a while since I bake and blog about my baking experiment. After my oven gave up on me for overworking it last month, I have been occupied with a Hong Kong drama titled Triumph in the Skies. Well yes, I know it's quite an old show. I've wanted to watch it long ago but found it tiresome to try to understand the plot without English subtitles since I couldn't understand Cantonese and I'm slow in reading Traditional Chinese characters. It was until recently that I found the show with English subtitles on a website,, which my bestie had recommended. There are two series to this drama and I actually managed to complete the first series of 40 episodes in less than a week; 4-1/2 days to be precise. Overall, I thought it was a light-hearted show which taught a great deal of life philosophy, although I still prefer if Isabelle and Sam Tong could become an item. For those who have watched, you should know who I'm referring. I wonder if you feel the same? Anyway, now I felt that I've overworked my lasik-ed eyes! @_@

Though time seems to pass slower when I'm not baking, I still can't wait to get my hands into some baking fun. Hopefully the oven will "recover" soon…To keep my hands busy, I've been into blending all sorts of smoothies to go with my Tostitos®, my favourite drama companion snack. In fact I have been blending almost everything I could possibly find in my pantry ever since I got hold of a blender.

Rainbow Smoothie
What's more, I've also discovered a great way to salvage my leftover fruits by freezing them before they turn bad and turning them into fruity ice blended smoothie later. This is also a great money-saving tip because I have good reason to buy a punnet of strawberries on sale without worrying about not being able to finish up before they turn bad. 

To spice things up, I made a multi-layer smoothie instead of blending all the fruits together like I usually did. Though preparation was quite a hassle, it's certainly an unique way of drinking enjoyment. Especially a great trick to get kids to "drink" up their fruits too.

Unlike nutritionists or diet-watchers, I don't follow any specific "guidelines" in deciding what goes into my smoothies. I simply add whatever I like to eat and don't like to eat and whatever's available. And yes, including whatever I don't like to eat including raw carrots, tomatoes and cucumber. I was convinced they wouldn't have the raw taste which I dislike after they have been blended with the fruits altogether. This is indeed a great way for multi-nutritional intake without a fuss. While I have no specific "guidelines" for my blended smoothies, I am pleasured to share my Rainbow Smoothie experiment for any first timers out there. ^_^

Bear in mind, once you start making your own smoothie, you can't stop making your own smoothie. They are just so goooood…

Rainbow Smoothie
The Dream Baker's Creation

Ingredients Required

Violet layer: 1/3 cup frozen blackberries + 1/4 cup plain yogurt
Indigo layer: 1/3 cup frozen blueberries + 1/8 cup milk
Green layer: 2 fresh kiwis, frozen + 1/8 cup milk
Orange layer: 1/2 cup frozen peach slices + 1/8 cup orange juice
Yellow layer: 1/2 cup frozen mango cubes + half bottle Yakult®
Red layer: 5 fresh strawberries, frozen + half bottle Yakult® 

Preparation Step

For each individual layer, blend frozen fruits at high speed and scrap down sides as necessary. Add liquid ingredient and blend until mixture becomes thick and smooth. If mixture is too fluid, add a couple of ice cubes and continue blending until mixture holds in shape. Lay each blended layer in a glass using a spoon. Best served chilled and consumed immediately.

The Dream Baker's Experiment
  1. I am using a 650ml glass for the above quantity of ingredients.
  2. I placed the glass in the freezer compartment after forming each layer (while preparing the next layer) so that the mixture remains chilled and holds its shape. This prevents the smoothie from liquefying which will result in having the layers mixed together when the next is added.
Have fun blending your smoothie and create your own favourite version today!

Dare to dream.
The Dream Baker

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