Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools' Day - (Unofficial) Aspiring Bakers #40: Rainbow and Ombre Party Roundup

My sentiment for April 1st used to be "those were the days", referring back to the times when I was still schooling in the younger days. I don't recall much memories of jokes and pranks that were played upon since I started out to work about 10 years ago. However, this April 1st could probably be something memorable because I have actually made a joke and a fool out of myself. @_@

For those who have been reading or had read my blog, you would probably know what had spurred me to set up this blog. Yesterday (based on Singapore's local time) was the roundup for the Aspiring Bakers' last theme event. As eagerly as I have been waiting for the roundup post to be published, I was almost disappointed when I did not see any of my posts in the Aspiring Bakers #40: Rainbow and Ombre Party Roundup post. Unfortunately, none of my baking posts have made it to the roundup because I'd been such a "sotong" (a dialect similar to being a muddlehead). It was until I re-read the guidelines on "How to join" that I realised I had all the while overlooked the last step, which required an email to be sent to the host of the theme event in the prescribed format for every post submission. This explains why none of my post made it to the roundup despite my eager participation. -_-!!!

Albeit all my baking posts did not made it to the roundup, I wouldn't say that my efforts have gone to a waste. After all, I have proved that I can do it! For my own consolation, I have created my very own version of the (unofficial) Aspiring Bakers #40: Rainbow and Ombre Party Roundup. ^_^

Polka Dots Swiss Roll with Nutella® Buttercream
M&M's® Cookies
MultiColour Checkered Cake coated with Dark Chocolate Frosting
Kueh Lapis a.k.a. Steamed Nine-layer Cake
Colourful Checkered Butter Cookies
Four-flavour Spiral Mántóu (a.k.a. Chinese Steamed Buns)
Ice-cream Cone Rainbow Cupcakes
Rainbow Flower Buns
Rainbow Flower Butter Cookies
No-bake Rainbow Yogurt Cheesecake
Microwave Rainbow Vanilla Mug Cake
MultiColour-Striped Swiss Roll with Vanilla Buttercream
Just another lesson learnt! Haha~

Happy April Fools' Day!

Dare to dream.
The Dream Baker

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