Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Growing Edge: October 2015 Round-Up

It's the second last month of 2015! It was a good start to November for me as my hubby and I spent our time in Seoul. The maple season in South Korea was such a beautiful sight! It was a quick two weeks and we're back again in this summer-all-year-round little red dot nation. But we are glad the haze condition has improved much! Yay! 

Earlier this month, I announced that I was given the honour to host the October 2015 Our Growing Edge, an event that aims to connect food bloggers and inspire everyone to try new things. This meaningful blog event founded by Genie of Bunny Eats Design brings out the part of us that is still learning and experimenting. It’s the part that you regularly grow and improve, be it from real passion or a conscious effort. This monthly event aims to connect and inspire us to try new things and to compile a monthly snapshot of what food bloggers are getting up to. I am extremely thrilled that we have a total of 12 blog entries for this month's Our Growing Edge (unfortunately one of the entries has been dismissed as it is a sponsored post which I have no obligations). 

Now let's take a walk through the amazing entries received for blog event Our Growing Edge in October 2015...

Caroline of Shrinking Single made her first attempt at making muffins with cornmeal and I can see that it turned out great! She also shared a good article on the different types of cornmeal in her blog post which is definitely one useful tip.

Kerene of The Dream Baker (yay that's me!) has found a new way to use up the ever-lasting bottle of milk always lying in the fridge. This Hot Milk Cake is dense yet unusually soft and moist. Say yes to no more milk wastage!

Georgie of Georgieats made her own version of paella after a bad taste experience at a restaurant. Her homemade version definitely makes a restaurant grade. Check out the paella pan that Georgie has recommended in her blog post.

Genie of Bunny Eats Design shares a quick and delicious recipe on the pairing of fish and asparagus. This is definitely one enticing dish for one who didn't use to fancy asparagus. Indeed one sophisticated dish to serve our valued family and friends!

Natalie of The Tofu Diaries shared with us her yummy wholesome waffles made with her new kitchen toy - a waffle maker. She made sure the apple flavour come to the fore with every bite of these apple cinnamon vegan waffles. Natalie shared a healthy caramel sauce in her same post to serve with these delicious waffles. I bet a scoop of ice cream works just as well!

Jazz of Dash of Jazz has served up another all-in-one dish that is full of different flavours, nutritional value and multiple textures in one meal. While oatmeal is not a staple that I grow up eating, I bet this would make a great breakfast to start a good day!

Pia of Joie De Vivre and Cupcakes shared her tip or two gathered from her cake pops making learning process. This is not a recipe but I'm pretty sure it will become one of a good guide in helping all who's interested in making cake pops!

Mr Fitz of Cooking with Mr Fitz has served up a seemingly appetising dish which made me google what exactly Keema is. This is not something I have tried but would certainly want to give it a try!

Mr Fitz of Cooking with Mr Fitz has served up another quick and delicious recipe. Indeed an awesome way of using that excellent pork. A great pairing of those tacos and roasted potatoes!

Jordan of Vermilion Red reminded me about Halloween with these creative apples she has made. These are definitely some quick sugary treats if you're just as insanely impatient as Jordan claims she is. Hee!

Abbie of Leftovers for Lunch made use of some seasonal produce and came up with a Butternut Squash & Gnocchi and Beef & Beetroot Curry. Although the squash dish didn't quite blow her away due to the lack of flavours and the similarity in texture, she suggested using some sage could have saved it. On the other hand, the slow cook curry dish was an effort paid off. It is also a great money-saving dish that saves you from expensive bits of meat as slow-cooking tenderises the meat as the clock ticks away.

Panda from Nom Nom Panda made us some puffy pita bread with sourdough! I'm so tempted to try my hands at this homemade pita bread from the series of photos on how the dough puffs up in the oven. Although it was an eventful one, I bet it was a satisfying one seeing the dough puff up so nicely! 

It's a wrap! Many thanks to all once again for your participation and support during my hosting month and hope you will continue to support Our Growing Edge. And thanks again to Genie for giving me such honour to be part of your meaningful blog event and appreciate your understanding for allowing me to post the round-up for October 2015 Our Growing Edge at such a later date. Overall it has been a great pleasure! ^_^ Till next time...

Dare to dream.
The Dream Baker


  1. Hi Kerene, thanks so much for sharing this round-up and including my post. It was lovely to take part and try out something new that'd I'd wanted to do for ages (even if it was as simple as making homemade waffles!). Lovely to get to "meet" you too :)

    1. Hi Natalie, you're most welcome! Thanks for sharing with October 2015 Our Growing Edge! It has been a great pleasure. ^_^